We are pleased to announce that the Progress service shoe store has opened in Lviv at vul. Horodotska 72.

Our company "Progress Service" has been one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market for the production of quality and affordable shoes for more than 20 years.

We use modern and technological materials, such as: polyurethane (PU), PVC, textiles, as well as environmentally friendly EVA material, producing a diverse product line.

The range of products is represented by modern models of casual shoes for children, adolescents and adults.

List of products (shoes):

  • Women's summer (slippers, sneakers, clogs, summer slippers, rubber boots, flip-flops)
  • Men's summer (moccasins, slippers, sneakers, gym shoes, clogs, summer slippers, rubber boots, flip-flops)
  • Children's, teenage (slippers, clogs, sandals)
  • Women's winter (galoshes, grandmother's slippers, boots, rubber warmed boots, dutiki boots)
  • Men's winter (galoshes, slippers, boots, rubber boots warmed, fishermen, boots)

The model range is regularly replenished and updated due to new models, which are developed taking into account the feedback and wishes of consumers.

The inner surface of our models has an anatomical shape that ensures comfortable wearing of our shoes.

Production of footwear is carried out on the modern equipment which allows to let out products of high consumer quality and with long term of carrying. All manufactured products have quality certificates.

In our store you can buy ethical and comfortable shoes from a Ukrainian manufacturer at an affordable price!