Yesterday, September 24, 2020, an offline meeting of the Production Committee of the Western Ukrainian office of the Association took place, where the possibilities of automation and optimization of work processes were discussed.

In particular, Roman Oliynyk, CEO of Intramotion, focused on competition in the efficiency of industries using partial / full automation. Ensuring the continuity and productivity of production processes will allow Ukrainian business to compete with other "emerging markets".

Pavlo Fedyuk, owner and director of Progress Service, shared his experience in implementing the LEAN system (process optimization).

In addition, from Andriy Myronchuk, Project Manager of CENTER LTD, the participants heard about the importance of building an effective system of occupational safety at work to prevent injuries and accidents.

According to the results of the meeting:

  • it is necessary to conduct an internal audit of production processes in order to identify weaknesses and no longer quite effective places in the processes. It is desirable to invite specialists from outside for such an audit. Understanding where and what your weaknesses are, look for an option to eliminate them by either automation or elimination;
  • it is recommended to read the book 2 seconds Lean, about a way of thinking which can be applied not only in production, but also in other spheres. It is important that this thinking is possessed by the director or top manager and charges his employees;
  • it is also worth conducting occupational safety audits until the regulatory authorities come to you. It is better to be ready for, rather than "extinguish the fire" after. In addition, the construction of an effective system of work on labor protection is a guarantee of protection of employees in the enterprise, for which the director is responsible.

Among other things, it was announced at the meeting:

  • Election of the Chairman of the Production Committee, which will be additionally announced by electronic means;
  • Introduction of an initiative to establish advisory councils at enterprises.

Upon request, we can also send a video of the event. We were glad to see everyone who was able to join both offline and online.

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