LEAN is easy!

We are a company that makes shoes and has been able to change the culture of production, to attract employees to constant change!

The PROGRESS-SERVICE company introduces economical production since 2017 and during this time we managed:

  • Double productivity
  • Achieve significant savings of raw materials
  • Significantly reduce complaints
  • Launch a system of ideas and a system of morning meetings
  • Involve all employees in a culture of daily improvement 
  • Reduce production costs
  • Accelerate production
  • Reduce marriage Increase inventory turnover
  • Accelerate reconfiguration Increase income
  • Free up production space

And most importantly! Management of PROGRESS-SERVICE managed to involve the entire team in the process of daily improvements and automate the flow of ideas from employees!

On average, about 300 ideas a month, which are not just generated, but implemented in the walls of the company PROGRESS-SERVICE!

All employees of the company use the electronic program of submission of ideas "Progress IDEA".

We invite you to visit our company-we will give you a real LEAN tour!

We will be happy to share the results of LEAN implementation in the production of our company, in practice we will show the basic tools of lean production. You will be able to reduce the resistance of employees by involving them in the tour and showing by real example what results can be achieved only in a year of lean production.


  • Owners of companies that feel the need for constructive changes in their processes
  • Owners of companies that have already started implementing LEAN and need to learn new ideas and solutions
  • Production managers who want to study in practice the tools of lean production and their impact on the company's performance
  • Production teams that want to see real results of LEAN implementation
  • Employees who want to realize their potential and prove themselves by providing ideas with improved processes


  • A clear understanding of the further development of the enterprise
  • Awareness of the scale of the internal potential of each structural unit
  • Analysis of the main production losses and ways to avoid them
  • Recommendations on the plan for the implementation of basic tools for lean production

If you would like more information, please contact: