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19 10 Lean-style leadership. The way to continuous improvement of your business. Author: Jim Lancaster
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It is impossible to imagine learning without books!Books for a person are a silent friend with whom it is always interesting to communicate!Khrystyna Fediuk and Pavlo Fedyuk recommends interesting literature for a better understanding of LEAN.Title..
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The book "How to put things in order: the art of productivity without stress."Author: David AllenAbout the bookThis is a revised edition of the world's most famous book on personal effectiveness, first published in 2001 and translated into 30 languag..
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Friends, we want to tell you where the idea to implement the LEAN system PROGRESS SERVICECame fromIf it didn't sound banal, but it all started with a book, an extremely interesting book that Pavlo Fedyuk and Khrystyna Fediuk read and that changed..
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