Pavlo Fedyuk at the second conference "Practice of Lean implementation".

Skills Matrix is ​​a tool for visualizing employee skills.

Our Expert Pavlo Fedyuk, Director of Progres service Progress-Lviv, spoke about the experience of implementing Skills Matrix as a win-win solution for the employee and the company.

Paul outlined the main prerequisites for the implementation of Skills Matrix:

- hourly and combined wages;

- understanding the bottleneck in the company as a whole;

- knowledge of bottlenecks in departments;

- prescribed system of motivations (for each company it will be individual);

- constant work of the supervisor (foreman) of the department with employees;

- constant communication of all supervisors (foreman) with each other;

- planning should work for a constant 2-3 days, for a week variable and forecast for 1-3 months.