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10 11 Progress IDEA. Involvement and motivation system for your employees
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One of Kaizen's fundamental principles is "respect for people." At Toyota, the ancestor of this system, this principle is one of the main pillars of the production system. In many companies, managers believe that respect is about greeting employees i..
09 08
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"Know Lviv" is a promotional project of Lviv Radio, which consists of a series of podcasts about Lviv entrepreneurs and the history of their business.The list of podcasts will be updated, and if you have something to tell about your own business, you..
07 08 Conference
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Khrystyna Fedyuk, the company's co-owner, spoke about how the production culture of Progress-service changed during 2016-2020 live on the Conference "Practice of Implementing Lean Production":- In order to achieve results in the implementation of lea..
06 08 Backstage  online Conference
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On August 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., join the online live conference "The practice of implementing lean production 2020".You will hear:- history of introduction of economical production of Coca-Cola Hellenic Ukraine, Progress-Servise, BASSA, Morgan Fu..
02 07 Interview for Lviv Radio
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Khrystyna Fediuk  is our source of energy and a wonderful leader.Under the legendary name, but from scratch in the crucial 90's here launched a modern production.Today, Progres service sews ethical shoes and works with the new generation of EVA rubbe..
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