Khrystyna Fedyuk, the company's co-owner, spoke about how the production culture of Progress-service changed during 2016-2020 live on the Conference "Practice of Implementing Lean Production":

- In order to achieve results in the implementation of lean production, you need to start implementing, rather than postponing "until better times."

- Thrifty thinking = trust and respect within the team.

- The level of lean production in the company = personal example and the attitude of the owner to the introduction of lean thinking.

- In order to move to the next level of lean production, you need an hourly wage. Only hourly wages allow for morning meetings, 5S and Kaizen activities.

- A thrifty company is a company that is constantly learning and improving.

- A thrifty company is a company in which employees are involved in the implementation of improvements.

- Short regulated daily training in the basics of lean production during morning meetings is a simple way of constant and consistent development of production culture.

- Visualization of the results of the team's work is necessary, because only in this way do employees receive an objective assessment of their work.

- Small improvements every day by each employee give a big increase for the year.

- Building a system of recognition for the introduction of lean production allows you to attract more employees to the implementation.

And right now live on our Conference Natalia Rutkovskaya, director of the Morgan Furniture factory.

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The event is implemented by the Business Information Support Center (CIPB) in Rivne, based on Smart People with the support of the EBRD within the EU initiative # EU4Business. # lean_eu4business