Lean-tour to the company "Progress-Lviv" is a tour and recommendations from the owner of the shoe factory on how to involve the team in the implementation of lean production.

You will see the results of lean implementation in the production of a real company, in practice learn the basic tools of lean production and get recommendations for the formation of a plan for the implementation of lean in your company.

Progress-Lviv has been implementing lean in production since 2017.

During this short period we managed to double the productivity, achieve significant savings of raw materials, significantly reduce complaints.

The biggest achievement of the company was the involvement of all employees in the life of the company, the launch of a system of ideas and a system of morning meetings.

Expected result of the tour:

  • awareness of the scale of internal production potential;
  • analysis of the main production losses and ways to avoid them;
  • recommendations on the plan for the implementation of basic tools for lean production.

You will be able to reduce the resistance of employees by involving them in the tour and showing by real example what results can be achieved only in a year of lean production.