So what is LEAN and what is it for me?

Often the activities of enterprises and institutions can be defined as inefficient, which creates problems in the sale of products, quality, deadlines, "bureaucratic red tape". As a result, goods and services cannot be competitive, there is a complete degradation of production and management capacity.

The reason lies in the irrational and inconsistent work of structural units. That is why it is necessary to systematically approach the future path of development of the enterprise or institution to catch up with the most developed countries in the world, which have long used simple management methods, namely lean manufacturing or LEAN.

Which of the industries can use lean production?

The answer is simple - ALL, without exception! Manufacturing companies, service companies, agricultural enterprises - the LEAN philosophy will easily help to create a high quality product and overcome competition.

An ambitious idea is to introduce LEAN in educational and medical institutions, government agencies.

Changes must begin with an understanding of what are the losses in the processes that make them unproductive and do not bring financial results. Process losses should not be confused with the financial costs of the process.

Lean (LEAN) is a management concept that was created at the Japanese company "Toyota" and is based on a steady desire to eliminate all kinds of losses. Thrifty thinking involves the involvement in the process of optimizing the business of each employee and maximum customer focus.

Tahiti Ono is considered the father of Toyota's production system and became the founder of the world-famous concept of Lean Manufacturing. He identifies the following types of losses in the activities of each enterprise:

excessive processing
extra movements
waiting time
unrealized ideas of employees

The attractiveness of LEAN is that 80% of the system consists of organizational activities, and only 20% is investment in technology. Thrifty production does not require large investments!

There are certain steps in implementing Lean using a variety of tools and methodologies. Such experience of implementation of economical production can be obtained directly on the LEAN-tour to the company Progress-Lviv

In order for you to be able to implement lean production, you need to understand and study the basic principles of LEAN management, learn to apply them in combination in the processes of your own production or institution. You can get such knowledge at trainings in LEAN in Progress Academy with direct fixing of the basic tools on the basis of production Progress Lviv

The peculiarity of LEAN is that the initiative must come from the company's management and extend to each employee. When implementing LEAN, companies or institutions often find themselves in a difficult situation with a lack of understanding of where and how to move forward.

The maximum benefit from the introduction of lean production can be obtained if you understand the principles of Lean management and apply them in combination, thus ensuring the unity of directions in production activities.

The Progress Service team will help you understand the various aspects and nuances of LEAN implementation directly at your company, using all your experience and knowledge, at on-site Lean consultations.

According to the company Progress Lviv, the assimilation of lean production allows:

  • increase productivity by 50 - 200%
  • save up to 10% of annual income
  • increase profits by 2-3 times
  • reduce the order execution time by 4 times
  • to establish a uniform and balanced flow of service users

"Most of the existing companies (about 80%) will disappear in the coming decades if they do not change the management system." (Masaaki Imai President of the Japanese Kaizen Institute).

Are YOU with us in LEAN...?