The integrity policy of PROGRESS LVIV LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is aimed at conducting business on the basis of honest and ethical behavior in relations with employees and third parties. 
As part of this, the Company pursues a policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and strives to act professionally, responsibly and conscientiously in all business relationships and areas of the 
Company's practice, with compliance and provision of effective mechanisms for preventing manifestations of corruption and combating bribery.
The company complies with all legal acts related to the fight against bribery and corruption in Ukraine (Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption").
In this policy, the term "Third Party" means any individual or organization with whom we come into contact in the provision of services and business management, and includes existing and potential customers
and customers, intermediaries, suppliers, contractors, agents, consultants, as well as state institutions and organizations, local authorities, including their representatives and officials, politicians and political parties.
This policy applies to all persons employed by the Company at all levels (whether employed on a permanent, temporary or part-time basis), consultants, contractors, interns, volunteers, agents, or any other persons 
associated with the Company (collectively hereinafter referred to as "Employees" in this policy).