SMED - (Single Minute Exchange of Die) literally translates as "change the stamp in 1 minute". The concept was developed by Japanese author Shigeo Singo and revolutionized approaches to readjustment and re-equipment. As a result of the introduction of SMED, the change of any tool and readjustment can be done in just a few minutes or even seconds, "one touch" (the concept of "OTED" - "One Touch Exchange of Dies").

To use SMED effectively, you need to understand what goal you want to achieve when implementing this tool.

The general objectives are as follows:

- reduction of equipment downtime and production capacity

- reduction of work in progress (parts, materials, semi-finished products)

- expanding the product range.

SMED is one of the powerful tools of the concept of lean production.

The introduction of the Single Minute Exchange of Dies significantly reduces the time delays between stages of production, and thus reduces the level of resource costs.

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