Friends, we want to tell you where the idea to implement the LEAN system PROGRESS SERVICE

Came fromIf it didn't sound banal, but it all started with a book, an extremely interesting book that Pavlo Fedyuk and Khrystyna Fediuk read and that changed their perception of lean production.

"2-second Lean. How to grow staff and have fun creating a Lean culture".

Author: Paul Akers

Why read this book?

1. Paul Ackers started with a small firm in a garage and now runs an international company. In the book, he talks about his journey in business and Lin's journey, which made his success possible.

2. The Akers Book is a step-by-step guide for anyone who would like to start using frugal thinking in their lives. Simple presentation, vivid examples, inspiring story - the author shares the difficulties he encountered along the way, and the victories that led to careful production.

3. This book reveals the essence of lean manufacturing, managerial excellence, 2-second improvements, thrift culture, 3S philosophy. And it's about leadership.

4. Thrifty thinking - the real passion of the author. He convincingly proves how radically Lin's approach can change business and life in general, eliminate losses and make work more productive. Paul Akers infects with ideas, love for a careful approach and makes the reader immediately want to apply the advice from the book.

5. This is a short and accessible statement of the concept of thrift, understandable to all. The aim of the author was to explain how to form a culture of thrift and do it in just one year, not eleven years, as was the case with him.