The book "How to put things in order: the art of productivity without stress."

Author: David Allen

About the book

This is a revised edition of the world's most famous book on personal effectiveness, first published in 2001 and translated into 30 languages.

This publication contains all incomplete or outdated information. Now the book is relevant for the new time and for the modern mobile world.

Recommendations from David Allen will be useful to those who first heard about this methodology, and loyal fans of GTD (Getting Things Done), who read the first edition and want to be aware of all the changes.

Getting Things Done is not just about getting things in order. It's about how to cope with work and personal life. This technique is the result of twenty years of work of the author.

In the book you will find everything about how much and well to work and get pleasure from it: how to collect and process information, instantly choose the right action, plan and control work, separate the main from the secondary, keeping consciousness clear and thoughts - orderly.

Who is this book for?

For all modern busy people.

For those who want to become the master of their lives.