It is impossible to imagine learning without books!

Books for a person are a silent friend with whom it is always interesting to communicate!

Khrystyna Fediuk and Pavlo Fedyuk recommends interesting literature for a better understanding of LEAN.

Title: “Lean-style leadership. The way to continuous improvement of your business ".

Author: Jim Lancaster

Publisher: K.Fund, -2017

This book is a sincere and insightful story of a leader who was able to bring the company to a new level of development, achieve unprecedented profitability and provide his business with the first positions in the market. You do not need expensive consultants to do the same. Eight steps are enough to create a robust real-time management system.

Jim Lancaster describes these steps in detail, illustrating them with examples from the life of his own company - as if taking a tour of it.

The book "Leadership in the style of LEAN" was published as a joint project of K.Fund and Lin Institute of Ukraine under the scientific editorship of the President of the Institute Serhiy Komberyanov.

It will be useful both to those who have long been implementing the practices of lean production, and to those who have just thought about improving their business and are ready to begin their journey in the study of the art of linen.