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10 11 Progress IDEA. Involvement and motivation system for your employees
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One of Kaizen's fundamental principles is "respect for people." At Toyota, the ancestor of this system, this principle is one of the main pillars of the production system. In many companies, managers believe that respect is about greeting employees i..
15 10 So what is LEAN and what is it for me?
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So what is LEAN and what is it for me?Often the activities of enterprises and institutions can be defined as inefficient, which creates problems in the sale of products, quality, deadlines, "bureaucratic red tape". As a result, goods and services can..
24 09 Meeting of the Production Committee of the Western Ukrainian office of the European Business Association
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Yesterday, September 24, 2020, an offline meeting of the Production Committee of the Western Ukrainian office of the Association took place, where the possibilities of automation and optimization of work processes were discussed.In particular, Roman ..
16 09 LEAN is SIMPLE
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LEAN is easy!We are a company that makes shoes and has been able to change the culture of production, to attract employees to constant change!The PROGRESS-SERVICE company introduces economical production since 2017 and during this time we managed:Dou..
09 08
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"Know Lviv" is a promotional project of Lviv Radio, which consists of a series of podcasts about Lviv entrepreneurs and the history of their business.The list of podcasts will be updated, and if you have something to tell about your own business, you..
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