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18 05 Lean in the history of the world
23 03 Tools for the implementation of lean production
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The main tools for implementing lean production are as follows:SMED is a quick readjustment ("Single Minute Exchange of Dies"). Allows you to quickly switch between stages of the production process, and thus reduce financial and time costs for the cr..
09 03 SMED-tool for the implementation of lean production
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SMED - (Single Minute Exchange of Die) literally translates as "change the stamp in 1 minute". The concept was developed by Japanese author Shigeo Singo and revolutionized approaches to readjustment and re-equipment. As a result of the introduction o..
09 03 Magazine -
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It is always a pleasure to receive feedback from readers, authors, heroes of publications of the magazine "Furniture Business".Thank you LEAN in Progress for the kind words Reposted from: Furniture Business MagazineExtremely.Interesting article about..
19 10 Lean-style leadership. The way to continuous improvement of your business. Author: Jim Lancaster
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It is impossible to imagine learning without books!Books for a person are a silent friend with whom it is always interesting to communicate!Khrystyna Fediuk and Pavlo Fedyuk recommends interesting literature for a better understanding of LEAN.Title..
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